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California Foundation Fund is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, independent, corporation that collaborates with socially conscious businesses in the development and delivery of financial empowerment initiatives to help break the cycle of poverty.

The Foundation utilizes transformational education at different levels to empower and raise the economic health of families and low-income groups in California. The Foundation provides free digital platforms as part of its financial empowerment and optimization services.

Our event, directory and financial wellness platforms are eligible for-profits and non-profit businesses who use our services to raise economic vitality, empower their employees, inspire youth leadership, create philanthropic projects, or support social enterprises. Create your account.

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Utilization of all of our platforms are free from fees. Post your community events or business listing for approval and optimization. The Financial wellness platform is free and available for qualified businesses.Contact us to see if your company qualifies for enterprise financial wellness platform access.

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Our staff optimizes your posts via our partnership for good with Google Ad Grants. Approved projects will be automatically promoted to increase web presence.

Our work provides access to financial education and tools that develops socially conscious leaders, businesses and programs. Foundation program donors may qualify for tax deductions. Each year our efforts increase the economic prosperity for thousands of youth, employees and businesses. Read our Mission.

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