What is CAFFU?

In October 2011 we launched CAFFU, an online teaching program that supplements the instruction of high school and college educators of financial literacy.

This teaching tool is targeted and promoted to all your high school, college and financial literacy teachers. Our online financial literacy university is totally free. Teachers may now create online classes, enroll students, review progress, assess capacities and grade tests with this easy to use online program. Courses come with printed teacher and student workbooks to compliment classroom education. Students can enroll themselves and use real life financial realities in their online course work. Doing this allows students to continuously use this tool to help them plan their personal financial lives.

We realize that financial literacy presentations are not new. For California schools, teaching financial literacy is not widely implemented. This online tool allows teachers to offload their prep-time allowing for the simple implementation of financial literacy. It also compliments our instructor training and certification programs that uses this and many other tools to create competent financial literacy instructors.

We realize that financial literacy teaches students to make fiscally responsible choices. The benefits of financial literacy include improvements in gainful employment, job satisfaction, mental health and overall responsible citizens.