Capacity Research Program

Turning data into life-changing skills

  • LMI Financial CapacityFinancial Literacy Research
  • Financial Literacy Evaluations
  • Small Money Institutions
  • Community Impact
  • Financial Trends
  • Attendee Evaluation
  • Financial Knowledge Project

Our research team conducts field studies to help understand the educational learning process and it’s results. CAFF’s ongoing independent analysis of financial literacy efforts is intended to help understand the changing needs of LMI communities. It is our goal to gauge the adequacy and effectiveness of financial education. The purpose of this initiative is to help educators improve and expand their efforts.

CAFF Support
An integral part of our mission includes improving meaningful financial education, in a way that is most helpful to attendees. We believe that an educated consumer helps to build a stronger, more vital community. It is our hope that financial educators will empower individuals and families to realize their dreams of financial security.

Our research enables Financial Literacy initiatives to be a unique approach of instructing culturally similar learners.