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Evaluation of Financial Literacy programs provides banks, regulators and the public with assurances that resources are implemented wisely.

We create benchmarks, performance ratings and record findings to evaluate financial education with industry professionals along with the collaboration of community partners. Our findings are converted to implementable solutions that help internal policy makers and education professionals. Our own California Foundation Site Council is set up to identify solutions and improvements in financial literacy programs. The council is derived of specialist in multiple fields that include, education management, social science, behavioral science, law, finance, presentation specialist, and business administration.

Benchmark serves to improve the financial education delivered to economically distressed and underserved communities. Our independent researchers aggregate and validate data from various outreach efforts. CAFF’s evaluation reports deliver detail unbiased feedback to agencies and stakeholders. Our validation methods are measurable, traceable, and replicable. Financial Literacy Evaluation provides agencies with a true method of continuous improvements towards curriculum development and implementation.