In the classroom, your community or online, we are there to support financial EDUCATION.

Our work helps improve lives and prevents the sources of social problems derived from financial stresses. We provide professional and capacity development for educational institutions that care about making a difference in under-resourced communities….

Financial Literacy

Reinvesting in the delivery of financial literacy based on community values is what makes us different.

Free Educational Campus Online

Online courses and printed workbooks that compliment financial literacy instruction

Financial Literacy

Our mission is to break the cycle of POVERTY.

Communities are struggling with basic life choices. As a result, stress has reached a critical point resulting in high divorce rates, unhealthy living standards, medical negligence, suicides, and criminal activities.

Financial Literacy

Certified financial literacy instructor TRAINING.

Classes have started, enroll today. Learn to create lesson plans, assess student outcomes and teach financial literacy. (see qualifications for enrollment, such as minimum two years previous experience)
CAFF collaborates with community leaders, NGOs, governments and institutional agencies to create, deliver, and evaluate financial education for the benefit of low to mid income communities and small businesses. Our leadership group has provided decades of economic and educational services….
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