Foundation Holds Annual Futureboss Competition



The California Foundation Fund will hold its annual Futureboss Inaugural Event on Monday, April 7th at the San Diego Gas & Electric Innovation Center, and the celebration will extend beyond the usual festivities.

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Foundation leaders set a high fund drive goal and challenged devotees to join the celebration by supporting the youth entrepreneurial training and student competition, which was created to help high school students learn leadership and business management skills.

Diana Bice
Tania Fuerte
Ana Vidales-Castro
Amber Escobar
Jocelyne Rodriguez
Steven Canales
Silvia Solorio
Daxx Leon
Gerardo Marquillo
Eric Aguilar
Hanna Tolfo
Lumy Amador
Xenya Suarez
Guadalupe Magallanes
Tanya Suarez
Miguel Mercado
Steve Vargas
Jacob Santo
Kane Gillego
An Nguyen
Cathy Joy
Sonia Ricca
Jaylon Davis
Ashley Hernandez
India Subers
Ezequiel Moreno-Leon
Jose Chavez
Jose Lopez
Karen Rodriguez
Kimberly Beltran

The Futureboss Program, chaired by Ron Morrison, Mayor of National City, and organized by the Foundation’s youth entrepreneurship community council, is a collaborative effort between Alliant International University, Wells Fargo Bank, the Walmart Foundation, Neighborhood National Bank the California Foundation Fund, and twenty local organizations.

“We understand entrepreneurial education in preparing individuals for success,” said Mayor Morrison. He added, “This program identifies entrepreneurial minded students through an integrate network of business and non-profit collaborative. This year marks a new level of engagement for the Program as more than 400 high school seniors applied to compete.”

The Futureboss Program will be taught by senior faculty of the School of Management. Students will participate in the program’s academic components, develop a viable business idea and turn it into a business plan, which will be presented to a panel of judges. Three winners will be awarded a scholarship and an iPad. The winning student will receive this year’s Ernst & Young Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

For more information on the California Foundation Fund or to make a gift to the Annual Futureboss Program, visit or contact the Foundation Office at 619.800.0145.


About Alliant International University

Alliant International University is a WASC accredited private, non-profit university that emphasizes the practical application of theory and research to prepare students for professional careers in psychology and mental health, education, business and management, international affairs, forensic studies and law. Created in 2001 by the merger of two legacy institutions, its combined institutional history in higher education dates back over 100 years. Headquartered in San Diego and San Francisco, Alliant has additional campuses in Los Angeles, Irvine, Fresno, Sacramento and Mexico City with accredited programs in Hong Kong and Tokyo. For more details, visit


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How not to give


 Giving in California





 Causes worth supporting

Californians are number one in the nation for giving. Every year-end non-profits send out letters, envelopes and pledge requests asking to help them fulfill great missions. The work of solving critical humanitarian problems seems infinite and troubling. The pleads for donations are made to pluck at donors’ consciousness via heart-wrenching stories. Implied in some of these requests is that people are suffering due to environmental, economic or political struggles. In other words, the impact of people’s choices or the planet’s harshness cause sufferings.

Charity or Generosity

Part of the solution to overcoming hardships is charity. Giving time, talent or treasures to alleviate poverty. Charity towards dire and unlivable conditions can produce immediate and life-saving support. Generosity is different. It is a lasting conscious that creates humanitarian collaboratives. A generous society is understanding and caring about its impact and harmonizes living with life. Educators give in generous quantities with their patient lessons. Doctors generously provide care aimed to improve the quality of people’s lives. Charity is great for immediate life saving crises. However, a life with generosity creates sustainability.

Philanthropy or Social Entrepreneurship

In 2008 Californians donated a total of $17.2-billion with the median contribution of $2,396 from income earners with an average salary of $54,030. This equals to 4.4% of their income. There are many stories of people who have the bandwidth to give back. This philanthropic value comes from people of all ages, races and educational levels. Donors are not all affluent professionals. Younger and less educated Californians give more. Many professionals use their corporate leadership to respond to philanthropy. The model of personal or corporate responsibility is terrific yet unsustainable. Responding to an infinite and growing level of poverty cannot be resolved with philanthropy alone. Charitable organizations that rely on limited grants and donations are depending on the profitability and capacity of income earners. True models of scalable income are within the for-profit world. Business models have margins of profit that allows for infinite scalability. Socially conscious leaders are using these business models to solve critical humanitarian problems while making a profit.

Alleviating Poverty or Breaking the Cycle of Poverty.

Poverty can be reduced or temporarily stopped within the current model of charitable giving. To eradicate poverty, we must wisely choose where we give our time, talent and treasures. Giving to those that give back is not enough. We must seek ways to break the cycle of poverty through conscious efforts of empowerment.

Source: The Chronicles of Philanthropy.


Ernst & Young Collaborates with the California Foundation Fund to award young entrepreneur

The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Program takes place in more than 50 countries around the world.  It has become the hallmark for success for recognizing entrepreneurs.  On June 13, 2013 the California Foundation Fund and Ernst & Young Collaborated to recognize an inspirational young entrepreneur and winner of this year’s San Diego County Youth Entrepreneurship Scholarship Competition.  1st place Bethany Shedrick of High Tech High brightened the stage along a group incredibly passionate CEOs.  Bethany’s winning business plan was based on a consumer apparel company Bco. Her business concept was unique in that it included giving back 20% of the company’s profits to help educate under-resourced communities.

“Where sporty and sophisticated, embrace’s indigenous and Aboriginal inspired handbags for Woman between the ages of 25-45. BCo. is an aspiring Avant-Garde brand which appeals to those professionals who seek a timeless look and a splash of color and pattern to their conservative attire.”

The winners of this year’s award were:

Youth Entrepreneur category:

Bethany Shedrick, CEO
Bco., Chula Vista

Business Services category:

Kim Reed Perell, CEO
Adconion Direct, San Diego

Technology category:

Tom Tullie, CEO & Chairman of the Board
ecoATM, San Diego

Consumer Products & Services category:

Gary Rayner, CEO
LifeProof, San Diego

Life Sciences category:

Gerald Proehl, President & CEO
Santarus, Inc., San Diego

Medical Products & Services category:

Mary Fisher, CEO
SkinMedica, Carlsbad

Family Business category:

Kelly Grismer, President and Chad Grismer, CEO
The Wheat Group Inc., San Diego