Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by empowering low-to-moderate income communities through the delivery of culturally competent financial literacy capacity development, social entrepreneurship and asset building.


CAFF is a capacity development organization that develops financial literacy programs and coordination for educational advocates in various industries. These support and implementation tools are required to deliver successful personal and small business empowerment initiatives.


Our work is to educate instructors and institutions on personal financial topics that are current and relevant. CAFF’s directive is to help improve the methods in which economic initiatives are developed, implemented, and evaluated.  Our goal is to expand and enhance financial education while improving economic self-sufficiency for low-to-moderate income communities.


We create opportunities for the implementation of education which maintains efficacy and sets standards for financial education. Our work helps under-resourced communities initiate economic vitality. We foster collaborative relationships between the public, educational, and financial institutions.


Ultimately we aim at preventing the financial pains that harm people and families. Financial issues are the #1 cause of workplace stress. These stresses result in high divorce rates, unhealthy living standards, medical negligence, suicides, and criminal activities. Our efforts help prevent financial crisis while improving and maintaining communities’ economic vitality.